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Choosing the best Ottawa Bookkeeping Services

Are you looking for the best Ottawa Bookkeeping Services? Ottawa Taxes offers unmatched bookkeeping services to its clients. In case you are willing to opt for their services, you can be rest assured of the best in class services. Ottawa Taxes is a renowned company in the field of corporate taxation and bookkeeping. It is backed and managed by an expert team of trained professionals. Most of them have qualifications in finance and taxation. Backed with an ardent drive towards customer satisfaction, Ottawa Taxes has become one of the most popular tax partners in Ottawa.

Why Choose Ottawa Bookkeeping Services

Ottawa Taxes offers premium bookkeeping services which will help your business run smoothly. In Canada, tax compliance is a very important criterion for businesses. Our bookkeeping services includes

  • Accurate financial reporting with regularity
  • Maintaining the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable
  • HST filing and compliance
  • Payroll services and government remittances
  • Catching up pending bookkeeping records

Government Reporting

This is one of the most important aspects of our Ottawa Bookkeeping Services. We take care of the important provincial requirements and CRA which must be followed by your business. We keep track of every financial dues and raise notifications much before the due date. This helps your business stay compliant and free from penalties arising out of nonpayment.

Here are a few important government reporting which needs to be done on time

  • Harmonized Sales Tax or HST
  • Payroll Source Deductions
  • Workers Safety Insurance Board and Employee Health Tax remittances
  • Annual Reconciliations

Sales Tax

Filing tax returns on a regular basis is mandatory if your registered for GST/HST.

Payroll Services

We offer complete payroll services. We give you the requisite forms which will help you enroll your employees in your company.

Our Premium payroll services include

  • Payroll direct deposit 
  • Calculation of overtime and bonuses
  • Adherence to employment standards (E.S.A.)
  • ROE (Record of employment) for terminated employees
  • Payroll source deductions and applicable remittances to government 
  • W.S.I.B. (Workers Safety Insurance Board)
  • EHT (Employee Health Tax) remittances
  • Posting of Payroll Journal to General Ledger
  • Annual T4′s, T4A’s preparation along with annual reconciliations
  • T5018 Statement of Contract Payments
  • Determination of ‘employee vs subcontractor’

Get in touch with us for the best Ottawa Bookkeeping Services. We promise to give you the best services against affordable service fees.

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