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Ottawa Taxes is an accounting and consultancy firm providing a global radius of advisory services to a broad range of clients varying from individuals to corporate within and outside ottawa. Must be looking for the best tax consultant who understands tax laws? Who is able to advise strategies reducing obligations and minimizing the chance of an audit that often leads to a conflict with the IRS or with a state tax agency. Yes, we welcome everybody with gratitude and ultimate quest to solve all your problems. We are proud to be tagged as the best service provider around ottawa.

Our firm devotes to the demands of your businesses and attain your aspirations locally, nationaly and internationaly. Ottawa taxes consults on general matters related to interpretation and application of consulting on corporate income tax, tax advice on inbound and outbound investment, local and international tax structuring, structuring EPC contracts, VAT, royalties, etc. Our focus is to combine a practical but progressive outlook with strong tradition of prudence and reliability

How ottawa taxes can help you

Proper assistance in picking a management, tax-efficient ownership and operations structure is provided. We inspect and verify the rightness of tax structures and transactions of double tax treaties along with structured profit repatriation. Ottawa taxes evaluates contracts and primary documents from a tax perspective, aim to recognize cross border transactions, potential fields of tax planning and payments. We are the best in analyzing the costs of executing new solutions.

Our mission and vision :

  1. To deliver inventive and cost effective solutions.
  2. To help our client enlarge across geographical locations.
  3. To help enhancing business efficiently and scalably.
  4. To help our clients reach their economic purposes.

Our strive is to grow bespoke trust with all our clients. We guide our clients to cut through bureaucracy and notify the changes in legislation that you need to beware of. We also highlight latest schemes declared by the Government that may benefit your business interest, as well as business.

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